Sunday, February 14, 2016

About Love

Well here it is St. Valentine's Day again. What I choose to reflect upon this Valentine's Day is how the human spirit needs Love. How we love is different for so many of us. Cultures express love in very unique ways. These days we are very aware that people in other countries may view the way we have decided to celebrate our love as unworthy or even disrespectful.

I think the guide for how we love is within our very souls. If you are being true to your soul and are respectful to yourself and others, than the way you have chosen is acceptable. Let's honour that. Love comes in many different ways. I love many people, animals, situations and things.

It is only through love that we can change. Having a certain idea of how the world or people should be can change because you love them. Being open minded to new ideas, new people, new cultures and new ways of doing everything is the essence of love. Love is growth and Growth is love.

So today I hope you take a little time to reflect upon the people, ideas and things you care about. See if there is something you need to change within yourself to honour Love.

I will now step down from my soapbox and show you what I have made for my loved ones.

May the love you wish for be yours today and always.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday when I post again with the Watercooler Wednesday artists.

That's all folks!

And ... I hope you ...

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