Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

No doubt many of us will try this weekend to shower our mothers with love, gifts and cards. Perhaps we will go out for dinner, brunch, or a long drive in the country. And for those moms recently or long departed, we remember them in our hearts. It is the day to pause and reflect on all the wonderful moments given to us by our moms.

If we are moms ourselves, we relive some very precious times shared with our little ones, whether they are still young or have grown and started their own lives. I am very thankful for having a mom who was able to show me how to mother. I am proud of who my children have become. I look wistfully ahead in time and wonder if they will become parents. For if they do, I know they will feel a deeper understanding about family.

At my last class, the ladies learned how to make a sticky-note holder. It holds five 3"x3" sticky-note pads. I designed it myself using the envelope punch board. What's that you say? Yes, the envelope punch board makes 3-D items like boxes too!

Here is a picture tutorial for you to follow just in case you are so inclined to make one for yourself, or perhaps even your Mother.

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

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  1. This is WONDERFUL; clever you!~ Thanks so much for sharing with us! Happy Mother's Day, too!